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360 Medical Centers - Family Medical Wellness & Preventive Care Center in Fort Myers FL


To your extended family, where you will receive comprehensive, quality client and family centered care. Our team is made of dynamic, intelligent, and diverse individuals that will ensure you have an exceptional visit every time you come. Through our care, compassion, and individualized plan, you will receive the services that you need. We will help mark the difference in your life.  

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Medical Center in Fort Myers FL


Medical Services

                      -Preventative care                        -Medication Refills 

                   -Laboratory Services                    -Auto Injury treatment

                   -DOT Physical                              -Weight loss program                                -Wellness Visit                              -Vaccines & injections


Monthly plans starting at $60


Family Medical Wellness Center in Fort Myers FL

Wellness Treatments

Several benefits include:

  -An escape from polluted air

  -Increased energy levels

  -Enhanced athletic performance

  -Reduced stress

  -Increased concentration

  -Improved mood

  -Reduce symptoms of migraine and headache

  -Increased sleep quality

IV Therapy in Fort Myers FL

IV Therapy

IV infusion treatments are absorbed faster and are more effective than oral supplements and medications. They are administered directly into the bloodstream and immediately circulating throughout the body. Oral vitamins and water need to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream before they can start making you feel better. Factors such as age, activity level, malabsorption issues, illness, stress, and previous gastrointestinal surgery can influence how well your body can absorb supplements and medications when ingested orally. Alcohol consumption also slows the absorption process which is why oral hangover treatments are ineffective. Ingredients included in our cocktails include vitamins and nutrients that will provide you with the energy and boost you need to make you feel optimal. 

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