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Wellness Treatment Fort Myers FL

Wellness Treatment

The air that we breathe contains around 21% oxygen. To help maintain good health, target oxygen saturation levels should be between 96% and 100%. Levels lower than this can lead to headaches, shortness of breath, rapid breathing and heart rate, chest pain, and more. 


Oxygen treatments help maintain oxygen saturation levels in a natural way. Oxygen therapy delivers concentrated oxygen at a rate of up to 95%. Therefore, when receiving a treatment, your body becomes saturated with oxygen that is purer than breathing air.

​30 Minute Session for $30

15 Minute Session for $20 

IV Therapy Fort Myers FL

IV Therapy

Why an IV infusion?

IV infusion treatments are absorbed faster and are more effective than oral supplements and medications. They are administered directly into the bloodstream and immediately circulating throughout the body. Ingredients included in our cocktails include vitamins and nutrients that will provide you with the energy and boost you need to make you feel optimal.


     Hair, Skin and Nails

This cocktail has all the nutrients for healthy hair, skin, and nail growth. It includes vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and Biotin. 



                         (members price)

Myer’s cocktail

One of our most popular infusions. Created by Dr. John Myers. This is a cocktail made up of vitamins and minerals used as a safe and effective treatment by hundreds of providers to help treat different conditions. It can give you a burst of energy to stop you from feeling sluggish. This package is what we recommend for everything from hangovers to fatigue to the flu. It can even be used for recovery from an athletic event or chronic illnesses. The blast of vitamins and hydration can help with skin health and aid your weight loss regimen. 


                         (members price)

Weight Loss Cocktail

Burns fat+Boosts Metabolism+Enhances Bloodflow and Circulation. Ingredients: Methylcobalamin, L-Taurine, Vita Complex. 



                         (members price)


This solution will help you rehydrate by restoring a healthy balance of fluid and electrolytes as well as boosting your energy levels. This IV bag doesn't include any add- ins, therefore it's great for individuals who have allergies.  



                         (members price)

Pre & Post Operative 

Recommended 1-2 weeks pre-op, post-surgery and for wound healing. Ingredients: Magnesium, Vitamin C, Arginine, Multi-trace 5, Methylcobalamin, B-complex, Carnitine.  


                         (members price)

Immunity Cocktail 

If you are feeling sick, have a sore throat, runny nose, or your body hurts then this is the cocktail for you. Start feeling better with this infusion which includes normal saline, a super dose of vitamin C, and multivitamins. These vitamins help fight infections and symptoms of a common cold or flu.    


                           (members price)

Taurine Cocktail

Taurine is an essential amino acid that has many heart, muscle and neurological benefits. It can also improve glucose tolerance. This infusion is beneficial for heart health, anxiety and muscle endurance.  


                         (members price)

The Athlete Cocktail 

This cocktail will provide the essentials that your body needs pre or post workout. We recommend trying this IV if you are an athlete or just simply going to be highly active during the day. The IV includes Saline, B Complex, B12, Taurine and NAD+. 

Bring your performance to its highest level! 


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